Building strong, connected individuals and community

Building strong, connected individuals and community

Nurturing unlimited potential

Nurturing unlimited potential
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Giving a fresh start to young lives

Eagles RAPS Inc. was established in 1997 in response to the suicide of two young people in the Western Sydney area and is dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide. It offers support to young people in need of assistance in many different ways, including counselling, assisting in finding accomodation, education and training, and recreational facilities. We work with youth to better meet the needs and challenges that young people face in a rapidly changing world.

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One in a million campaign

Every young person at Eagles RAPS is able to make a better life because of the kindness from others. Our 'one in a million' campaign is not only about raising funds for these young people but to make these young kids feel as special as one in a million, because they are. We all are!

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Our Services


If youth and youth suicide is something you care about, a simple donation is enough to help a young person out. We’ll make sure your donation gets working on the people you want to help – our youth.


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Real stories. Real lives. Young people who have been through Eagles RAPS bravely share their experiences with you.

Who cares?
We all do, V8 Supercar champion, Mark Winterbottom is right behind and supporting the great kids at Eagles RAPS.

Mark Winterbottom

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