Be inspired by some of the inspiring stories of our students

Be inspired by the stories from some of our amazing students who have gone through our program. These are the real life accounts of everyday people who for some reason or another had circumstances that put them in a position where they were in need of our help.


Latu: after losing her parents in a car accident and with 5 siblings to look after, Latu needed the support and guidance of Eagles RAPS Inc

My name is Latu and I have worked very closely with the Eagles RAPS Youth Centre for the last 14yrs, and they have played a big part in who I am today and what my family has grown to be.

I am the eldest of six children who have lived in the Doonside area for most of our lives, and we were orphaned in April 2000 when both our parents were killed in a car accident not too far from our family home. At this time my siblings and I were aged between 17yrs and 8yrs old, and what most would imagine should have been the most testing time of our lives became a smooth transition to our next chapter when Marten & Sally Wynd and their family became a part of our life.


In April 2000 both our parents were killed in a car accident

We have enjoyed all the services and activities that Eagles provides as a part of the Youth Centre, my Brother and I both completed courses through the OTEN program that Sally and Scott run through the Youth Centre.

I've completed a course for women entering the workplace after having my eldest daughter back in 2004 before returning to work and my brother who struggled with the public school system after my parents passing attended Sally’s OTEN program and completed his year 10, Higher School Certificate with Distinctions and then went on to complete an Accounting course successfully too. We know they have done the same for every child that walks through the doors without hesitation.

The work of Marten, Sally and Scott does not stop there; they continually support my siblings and I in every aspect of our professional and personal lives.

This community has a great benefit from the hard work and services that Eagles RAPS Inc have to offer to the Youth of Western Sydney, especially with the School program which gives the teens in our community an opportunity to complete their education.

I personally believe that my Family are a perfect advocate to what is possible if we support positive community projects such as Eagles RAPS which give our Youth the chance to a brighter future, and we are proud to be a part of the EAGLES FAMILY.

This community has great benefit from the hard work and services that Eagles RAPS Inc have to offer

I personally believe that my Family are a perfect advocate to what is possible if we support positive community projects such as Eagles RAPS which give our Youth the chance to a brighter future, and we are proud to be a part of the EAGLES FAMILY.




George: Saved from inevitable crime, jail and drugs, George can now look positively at his future.

My name is George. I started here at Eagles on 17 November 2011. I’ve been here for 3 years. The reason why is because I was in lock up most of the time. Scott and Sally helped me get out of lock up and they helped me in court.

I tried to go to a normal school but they didn’t want me because of my crimes. I wanted to go back to school so asked my Counsellor at Juvenile Justice who helped me find this school. When I started I didn’t like it, but now that I’ve started to come more I’m so happy that they have helped me out over the years. I know now how to spell better and speak better to people without swearing. They helped me with some of my casework and family. They also helped me in writing statements to court about my attendance. They were always truthful to my solicitor and to the court to get me bail. One of the conditions of my bail was to attend school.


If I never came to this school, I would still be doing crime and drugs and still be in jail

I have also made a good group of friends that don’t do crime and they help me come to school everyday. Scott and Sally have also helped me with my Centrelink payments. Scott and Sally are some of the best teachers I know. They helped me get from nothing to something over the past years. They’re good people that give up their own time to help people in need like me and I need a lot their time. I’m so happy that I’m off the drugs and studying harder than I ever have in life. I owe them a lot for helping me get past day to day life and learning more than I know and I hope this school keeps on going for more years.

If I never came to this school I would still be doing crime and drugs and still be in jail, so please help them as they help us learn more every day and it will be a shame if this school shuts down. I recommend this school to people that get bullied or have crime problems or have no other school they can get into. So, please help this school out as they need funding so I can keep studying on to my year 12. If not I won’t be able to get that. This is the only school that will take me in. 

This was the only school that would take George in

George has a great future - one where he now has a trade and can get full time employment or who know’s in the future he may even run his own business!


A brain tumour and the cruelty of other children left Karley feeling alone and unable to succeed in school.

After suffering a brain tumour and ongoing treatments, Karley found that children singled her out due to her new different physical appearance - feeling alone and unable to manage with mainstream schooling, she found a place in Eagles RAPS where she was accepted and could learn.

Hi, my name is Karley. I’ve been attending Eagles RAPS since 1st September 2013. I heard about this school from my brother and cousin. They also came here. Before I came here I went to mainstream school. I came to this school because I didn’t fit in at mainstream school. Most kids picked on me and the teachers didn’t really like me because of my older brother who had been there. The work didn’t really make sense to me. It was really hard.

When I was in year 1, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I was in hospital for a very long period of time. I went through chemo and radio therapy. Having cancer affected me in many ways. I missed a lot of school due to the surgeries I had to have and the chemo and radio therapy.

The cancer was in the back of my head, so when I had surgery they had to shave my hair off. When I went back to school, I didn’t feel comfortable because kids picked on me. I used to think that no one liked me because of how I looked. No one would talk to me and no one wanted to play with me so I sat alone and wouldn’t talk to anyone. That’s why I had trouble talking and interacting with kids in high school because of what happened in primary school.

I hardly ever went to class and I didn’t really do my work most of the time. Most of the time I was easily distracted by people in my class or other kids outside of the classroom. I didn’t get the help I needed to be successful and do my work properly. I didn’t really understand the work. 

The kids here are really nice. No one judges you. Ive made a couple of very good friends here.

But Eagles RAPS have really helped me learn a lot since being here. Sally and Scott have taught and helped me to understand stuff that I didn’t learn in mainstream school. They have given me work that has taught me stuff that I never knew before.

I’m almost finished her but I would tell anyone that doesn’t fit in at mainstream school and who wants to do something with their life to come here because this school has helped me a lot. I guarantee it will help them if they are willing to sit and listen and want to learn.

The kids here are really nice. No one judges you. I’ve made a couple of very good friends here. Having friends is really good because you don’t get bored. It makes you feel better to come here with friends – people that don’t judge you. Everyone gets along with each other.

The work is sometimes hard but Sally and Scott do whatever they can to help us get through it. In mainstream school you have a time limit on your work but here you don’t, you can take time doing your work to make sure you get everything right and it’s neat. I was really shy in school but coming here has helped me to open up and meet new people. Coming here gives you a chance to meet new people and learn new things. When I finish at Eagles RAPS I really want to be a hairdresser.

I’m really happy I found out about Eagles RAPS because it made me a better person and I’ve learned lots of stuff.

I really hope other kids get the chance to have the experience I did at Eagles RAPS because Sally and Scott put so much work into Eagles RAPS. I really appreciate what Sally and Scott have done for me. They don’t have to get up every day to help us kids but they chose to because they don’t want to see us do nothing with our lives. They raise money just so we can get an education. No one has to do that, but Sally and Scott take the time to do that. I really don’t want to see Eagles RAPS shut down because then most kids won’t get the education that me and the other kids at Eagles RAPS got.

Yours truly,



Going down the wrong path with the wrong crowd meant that Raymond’s future did not look good, especially to his worrying parents.

After struggling with mainstream schooling and heading down the wrong road, Raymond was guided by Eagles RAPS and today, is completing his mechanics apprenticeship. He can look forward to a bright future - one that every young person should have.

My name is Emmanuel and I am writing to you regarding the work you do at OTEN, Graham Street, Doonside, in providing out-of-school education for children who otherwise could not attend a school or TAFE.

When I came to see you and your son Scott Dent, about 3-4 years ago, I advised you that I was having trouble with my son Raymond as he was finding it difficult at school to complete his homework and his exams.

He started mixing with the wrong crowds and attracting trouble. There appeared no chance Raymond would complete year 9 let alone year 10.

Every year he would bring in terrible marks for his mid year and the end of year exams. He simply wanted to drop out at year 9 and go work in a factory and do menial work. He had no interest in tertiary schooling or any trade, as at school he was made to feel little and had his confidence shattered by bully type teachers. He started mixing with the wrong crowds and attracting trouble. There appeared no chance Raymond would complete year 9 let alone year 10.

This is when I was referred to OTEN learning from a friend as his son had similar problems at school. I spoke to Scott Dent at Doonside OTEN who advised me of the success rate of the children who attended OTEN Learning and also he showed me and my wife the classroom situation and the protocols associated with this style of education.

This appeared to be a lot less hostile forum and the students were advised what the outcomes were needed. The students were guided by Sally Wynd, Martin and Scott Dent. There was no uniforms needed. The students knew what had to be completed and received guidance and support through the staff to attain their objectives.

All students appeared to be happy to be there, and many of the ones I spoke to, advised how disappointed they were with the treatment they had received at various schools they had attended. They also advised they were performing better at OTEN as it was not a Nazi type environment.

Unfortunately it seems schools do not have the necessary support to cater to all students for their individual scholastic needs.

I enrolled Raymond at the OTEN Learning centre and he was happy to attend every day without any dramas. Raymond not only finished year 9 but he also completed his school certificate successfully.

He is now a 3rd year apprentice mechanic and he is excelling at his work.

He is now a 3rd year apprentice mechanic and he is excelling at his work. His current employer speaks very highly of him and is happy to give Raymond difficult and more challenging tasks.

I have gone to the OTEN Learning centre at Doonside to speak to Sally personally and thank her and her team for changing Raymond's life for the better. I am happy to give feedback regarding the work Sally and her team do at Doonside OTEN. I think our Community has become a better place directly as a result of Sally's ( and her team's) effort and dedication.

I cant imagine what would have happened to my son, or indeed, to many other children had they not received the assistance provided by OTEN

The effort put in by Sally and her team goes by unnoticed and one only needs to go back in time to see how lucky we all are directly as a result of the OTEN Team at Doonside.

Sally, my wife Rosemary, and myself are eternally grateful for what you have done with our son, Raymond.

Please continue with your good work as our community can not do without you.


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